Friday, March 13, 2009

जौहरियों के योग्य niti
Moral lessons for the Jewelers
रत्न पारखी, चलत जे , सोलह वचन प्रमाण ।
मान धर्म परतीत वश, रहे सर्व सुख जान॥
Gem identifier, the Jeweler, who follows these sixteen vows religiously enjoys all happiness and honor.

गुरु पद पद्मा सदा उर धरे, जाय जहाँ सब कारज सरे ॥
सत्य रत्न कह बेचे झूँठा, देत कष्ट तेहि ग्रह सब रूठा ॥
खोट मिला कर बेचे सच्चा, दगाबाज़ वो जौहरी कच्चा ॥
बड निकाल बदले घट डारी, अंग दुःखी वा सुत धन हारी ॥
The Jeweler always keeps lotus feet of his guru in the heart
that accomplish all of his works at every place. He, who sells fake gems as real, all planets (as per astrology) goes against him and gives him pain. He, who mixes imitation with real is not a Jeweler but a deceptor. He, who changes bunches of Basra pearls to manipulate weight in Chav becomes unhappy, deceased and looses his kids and wealth.

सत्य खरीद नफे नहिं कहे, सो पापी वृथा जौहरी रहे ॥
मांगनी फरक झूठ कह साई, दगा दोष परतीत घटाई ॥
साईं दे लेकर फ़िर जाई, बात तजे बड़ दोष हँसाई ॥
बिका रत्न कम तोल न तोली, न्याई बन लैं पाप न मोली ॥

It is useless for a sinful person to be a jeweler who does not speak truth about cost and profit. Who lies offer is also a deceptive and looses his goodwill. Who changes after giving or taking deposit for a deal he looses his words and people laughs on him. One should not weigh less in sold gemstones. One should be judicious and not be sinful.

लेहि भेद पर कर चतुराई, समझ वक्त निज काज बनाई ॥
अति प्रिय मित्र देही नदिं भेदा, काज हानि मूरख बन खेदा ॥
सभा काहु की सच मणि खोटी, कह निज करे बात नहिं छोटी ॥
सभा बीच बड़ बोल न बोले, निज हित काज प्रतिष्ठा डोले ॥

One should be diplomatic and clever to get others' secrets. One should understand the time and situation in get one's work done. One should not reveal secrets even to a bosom friend because it will lead to failure and one has to be a looser. One will regret for his foolishness.
One should not tell a real gemstone imitation in elite group (sabha? group/ meeting, court?), this will lead to dishonor. One should not speak much or boast himself in an elite group. One will loose his goal, interests and reputation.

वचन बनाय सत्य अस कहे, गाहक सभा नृपति खुश रहे ॥
नहिं कर दगा घात विश्वासा , प्रथम लाभ अंतहि सब नासा ॥
तज बदनीत कुकर्म अभिमाना, सब सुख काज सिध्द जग माना ॥
निज मत धर्म नहिं तजे, सुख सब अंत मोक्ष हरि भजे ॥
One should be very diplomatic in speaking. It should be truth but pleasant to customer, court and king. One should not deceive and betray, it may profit him initially but everything will be lost at the end. One should leave all bad intentions, evils and ego to achieve ones goal and happiness. It will pays one honor in the world. One should not leave ones own belief, religion, spirituality and work. One should worship God, will get all earthly pleasures and liberation at the end.


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